Tuesday, 10 May 2011

MCS - A Short Lesson.

After posting my card for the CD Sunday blog challenge yesterday, I had a comments from both Val and Christine about tips for importing images into MCS and using the picker tool. This is for you ladies, and anyone else who would like a bit of help.

For the purposes of this I will explain how to take a snapshot of a PDF, and how I take it into MCS.
Open the PDF document that you wish to use, and with the snapshot tool highlight the image you wish to use.
Once this is highlighted, open it in a Graphics program, (I use Paint Shop Pro for mine, but any Graphics program you have on your PC will do) in PSP you have to go to the tool bar along the top, go to edit and when it drops down it says paste as new image. Once you have done this, save this image to a folder, this can be where you like, maybe on the desktop or in my pictures. The important thing is to save it as a jpg, I find that this is the format that works best. Now open MCS and rather than open my artwork look for the file that you saved your image into. When you open the folder you will be able to move the saved image on to the work space as you would normally. You can now resize and do all the things that you would do with an MCS image, with your saved one. When printing the images remember that in the new MCS pro you will need to go to the tool bar at the very top, and select print. Here you will be able to change the print quality from normal to best and even professional. I always use the professional setting and change the preferences on my printer to the paper I'm using which is normally Matt photo or Glossy photo for images.

To make a coloured sheet using the picker tool which is in the brushes section of MCS, you need to click onto the picker tool and it will change the cursor into a pen, point this onto the colour that you wish to use, click, and it will change the box on the bottom left of you screen to the colour that you have picked. If you are happy with this colour then click on set and it will turn the background to that colour. If you do not like it click clear,and start again, untill you have a background that you are happy with. You can also use this tool to colour the text that you create with MCS. This tool is great for coloring Centrua Pearl card to a colour that matches your project. You will never have to worry about having a piece of card in the right colour because you  can now create your own.

I hope that you find that this helps you. If you have anymore questions my email is in the normal place, I will try and help if I can. Please let me know how you get on.



Aquarius said...

Thanks for the tutorial - I will have a go later. It's good to have helpful crafty friends.

Christine said...

Thanks for the tutorial Sue, I have had a bad day today as my laptop picked up a nasty virus and I have had to reboot it back to when I first had it. Silly me hadn't backed up my files, so I am starting from scratch.
I will let you know how I get on once things are up and running again.
Christine xx