Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jeep XJ Cherokee

Today is our future Son-in-law David's birthday, and he's car mad. So rather than make the traditional Birthday card, I have made this Jeep for him. It comes as a download from a website in the US called Paper Cruisers, it's well worth having a look at, especially if you are into making models. Now not only is David mad about cars, in particular he loves off roading and owns a jeep just like this one, which is why I went for this model. His does have some deep gouges down the side where it has been pulled out of a ditch, at this point I am going to include a link to David's blog. Last year whilst we were in the US on holiday, here in the UK there was a lot of rain Taking a little off road trip with some friends, and our dog who he was looking after at the time, didn't turn out quite how they thought.  As he tells a good story I'll let you go and find out what happened to his pride and joy (the Jeep, or more commonly known as the Heep). You might want to ignore the first couple of paragraphs.

 After I had downloaded the PDF file for the jeep and I had taken a look at them, I decided that it was a good job that I had an A3 printer, as to print this out onto A4 would have made it quite fiddly to put together. It even has a winch on the front and a spare petrol can on the back.

As I have the Arty Farty Colin Car template I decided that I would make a box with an off road picture in the back of it and add some grass to the front. It was only after making the box that I found that the Jeep only just fit inside, with back and front bumpers just touching the ends of the box. I was very pleased with the end result and I'm sure I'll be making some more of these cars.

Thanks you for taking the time to look, and your kind comments which are always appreciated.



petrasart said...

WOOOOOW ...this ist GREAT !!!!!!
We are Jeep fans ,too . And now I must jump to the links ;-)

Aquarius said...

Wow this is fabulous and I'm sure he will just love it. What a good job you have a large printer - must have saved quite a bit of work. Off to read about the 'heep'

Michelle J M said...

You are SO CLEVER Sue! This is brilliant and I am sure David loved it. Love the way you made a box for it and added an off road picture and that super grass. Lucky you having an A3 printer! Michelle x

NancyD said...

That is really amazing, Sue. NancyD

rachel said...

wow Sue - this really is amazing - no wonder you're pleased with it - its fabulous xx

Stamping With Bibiana said...

Firts time here! OMG you are a serious crafter! I love you project for today, specially the creativity that you put into it
Thanks for sharing. Keep in Touch,

Carol said...

Wow Sue. What a fabulous creation. Off to read the Blog.
Carol xx

cotnob said...

Wow! This is brilliant Sue - I bet your Son-in-Law couldn't believe his eyes.

Deanna said...

This is awesome Sue, love it!