Monday, 6 January 2014

Osprey's And Heron's

Well it's been a quiet few day's here in Dunedin - Florida. We arrived and had a terrific rain storm, within minutes of the rain starting we were wading in water. Our first morning we went to the resturant attached to the hotel we are staying in (it's right on the waterfront), and hubby got very excited as he saw an Osprey diving for fish. So that afternoon armed with my little Nikon pocket camera we set off walking to see if we could spot the Osprey. We had not gone far from the hotel gateway when we surprised a Heron who was enjoying the afternoon sunshine
He even posed for us while we snapped away. Next we spotted the Osprey sitting on the end of a dock, I zoomed in as much as I could with my little camera and though I had some good snaps. After walking a little further we could hear some birds calling, and hubby said I'm sure that is Osprey that I can hear. We looked up and on a branch in the tree in front of us were two Osprey sitting watching us walk along.
I did zoom in when I took this as the tree was very tall, but I am amazed at how good the photo has turned out. We walked about one and a half miles along the road to a park at the other end. As well as other species of Heron's and Egrets, we also saw Turkey Vulture's. We walked back the same route as we took, and the Osprey were still on their tree, keeping one eye on us as we walked by. We have since found out the they are very common along the west Florida coast line, also the Heron's, Vulture's and also Brown Pelicans (still trying to get a photo of that one).
We've been very lazy here, we are right on the waterfront and just a very short distance away is the small town. It has lots of small shops to wander in and out of as well as plenty of resturants. We've tried a different one each night, they are all really good so it's difficult to choose a favorite, and the best bit is they are all within walking distance. Yesterday was really hot so we took a trip to Clearwater Beach (about four miles from here) It is said to be the best beech in the US, and from what we saw I would not like to argue. Mile after Mile of fine white sand. We have one more day here in Dunedin before we move on for our final week. This time further south to Fort Myers. I hope I'll have something else to tell you about that area later in the week.
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rachel said...

wow Sue - your pictures look amazing - so glad you're having fun - big Hugs Rachel x