Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Home At Last

After a wonderful four weeks, I'm glad to say I'm home. We had a fantastic time but  having to changing hotels sometimes every night (the longest we stayed anywhere was Washington, and that was for three nights) it was nice to get home to my own bed and know that I would be sleeping in that bed every night.

After a bit of a damp start the weather turned warm and got warmer, right up until the last couple of days, when we had a few showers. Even then it was still very warm, it just made it a bit more humid. I got quite a shock getting home to all this rain, and have even pulled a jumper out of the cupboard this morning, as I'm feeling the lower temperature.

During our stay we travelled 5800 miles, and done a round trip from Boston to Boston. In between we went to (America) Plymouth, Cape Cod, Providence, Hartford, Philadelphia, Washington, Roanoke, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago, Grand Rapids, (Canada) Brantford, Niagara Falls, Toronto, (America) Syracuse, Concorde, Haverhill then it was back to Boston. I must admit that I got confused as to what day it was sometimes and while I had Tonsillitis I even forgot where I was. Although my throat is a lot better, I must say that it's not quite back to normal. I'm hoping that now we're not travelling all the time that it will settle down.

I've added some photos of some of the places we visited that I have not added in previous posts. If I have to pick favourite's there are four that stand out above the rest, and those are, Washington, Cape Cod, Niagara Falls and Toronto. I missed New Orleans as I spent the day in bed, dosing myself with Antibiotics, and pain killers. Hubby and Dave went out for the day to the French Quarter and really enjoyed it. I've had to be content with looking at the photos that they took. I'm sure that sometime in the future I will go back to some of these places, and spend longer looking around. I especially want to return to Washington and Toronto these were beautiful Cities.

Anyway for now it's good to be home, I've just about finished catching up with the washing that I bought home, and of course the ironing that goes with it. I've had to go shopping to restock the essentials, so now that this is all done I might find some time to fit some crafting in.

The Gateway Arch St Louis

The Chicago Skyline From Lake Michigan

Niagara Falls, The Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls, The American Falls

Toronto Skyline From Lake Ontario

Looking forward to stopping by all of my favourite blogs and seeing what everyone has been up to.



Aquarius said...

Welcome back from your epic trip - sorry the weather here isn't good now you are back and it's been pretty grim most of the time you were away too. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Sue & Welcome back ! Sorry my klutzy accident caused us to miss meeting up with you guys at the Falls. I'm glad the weather co-operated for you. You sure travelled far & wide. I would be happy to be in my own bed again too. I hope your throat heals completely. I had my tonsils out when I was 5, was the standard procedure here back then. Take good care & I hope the jet lag doesn't bother you. Have a good week, Shirleyx ps My injuries are healing but the knee is still giving me trouble.