Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Pad That Works At Long Last

 I won,t bore you with the details but I have power in the pad again. So I thought I would let you know how we,ve been getting up to.

Washington was wonderful, although my feet would disagree, we walked and walked all day, then went back a second day to see some of what we missed. I must admit so far it has been my favorite City. We left the car at the hotel and went in by Metro, the best way to travel into the Cities. All to soon our stay in Washington came to an end and we were on the move again, this time travelling south to New Orleans.

The rain returned for the start of the day as we set off to travel the Skyride which travels across the top of the Apelation Mountains. Had it not been raining the views would have been stunning, unfortunately we saw a lot of the inside od the clouds. We stopped for the night in a town called Rowenoak. It was going to take three days travelling to get to New Orleans so it was an early start the next morning heading for Chattanooga. We hoped to be there early enought to see one of the natural wonders of America, seen at Chattanooga  (no it wasen't the train). Chattanooga is home to the Ruby Falls, a beautiful underground waterfall. It was while here that I discovered that the sore throat I had been ignoring all day was a bit more that a sore throat. I was so cold when we got back to the hotel I fell into bed shivering (the temperature outside was in the mid nineties) where I stayed until the following morning. Again another very early start, and I felt ill, I slept all the way to New Orleans. Once there hubby checked into the hotel and asked for directions to the nerest Doctor. Two hours later and some antibiotics I was tucked up in bed again.

The following morning there wasen't anyway I was up to a trip to the French Quarter so Hubby and Dave took themselves off on the bus for the day. I'm glad to say that my day in bed done me the world of good, and while I've not been at full steam ahead, I am getting to see the sights again.

Next stop was Gracelands, Memphis. Elvis had a wonderful home and I enjoyed our visit there' but it was a lot of money to get in. We came away feeling ripped off.

From Memphis we headed North again, this time to St Louis. We stayed just outside on the other side of the Mississippi river, again taking the metro into the City. We had a wonderful ride on a riverboat before returning to shore for a trip to the top of the Gateway Arch. Well worth a trip to the top, you can see for thirty miles in each dirction from the top. 

Today we've come even further north and are now just outside of Chicago. I'm sure that we are going to find plenty to do when we hit the town/city tomorrow.


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Aquarius said...

Good to hear that you are still having a great time and I do hope you are feeling better now - nothing worse than being unwell on holiday.