Monday, 4 June 2012

Boston And A Super Duck Tour


Well we're here, the weather is about the same here as it is in England at the moment, dull and overcast. But that hasen't stoped us getting out and about. We woke early this morning and had a cup of tea in bed before 7.00 am, then by 8.00 am we went to find somewhere to have breakfast, what a breakfast it was too. By 9.30 we were off into Boston (we're staying about 17 miles outside) and signed up for a Super Duck Tour. This was a bus/boat that took us on a tour of Boston, seeing all the major sights on land before heading onto the water for a ride around the harbour. The sights looking back towards land were great.

When we returned to dryland as we were right next to the Navel Dockyard. In Boston this is owned by the City, as President Nixon closed the Navel Dockyard when he took office in the seventies. There is still a Navel presence there though, as this is where the USS Constitution is docked. The USS Constitution is the oldest warship still afloat and does go out to sea several times a year. She is only beaten in size by HMS Victory in age, but The Victory is now in dry dock and doesn't go to sea. We were able to go on board and had a guided tour.

Tomorrow we are moving on to Cape Cod so we have the map out looking at routes and the laptop out looking for another hotel.


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