Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's Been A While

You know when you've done something really stupid.... well I forgot to pack the mains plug for hubbys pad, I packed the lead which is a USB connection, just not the plug. So now I have an uncharged pad that I cannot use. I am now relying on the hotel PC to post this.

Our second day at Cape Cod we had a great day exploring Martha's Vineyard, this was a short ferry ride from the mainland. Once there we hopped onto a bus, these went from town to town, you could get out and have a wander around the small towns and then hop onto the next one to the next town. Hubby says he would like to move there, it is so beautiful.

We moved on from Cape Cod and stopped overnight near Hartford. We were in plenty off time for a bit of a wander and ended up going to Mark Twain's house, most famous for Tom Brown's Schooldays. Apparently two reporters are reported to have said that it looked like a paddle steamer, hotly denied of course by Mark Twain. After our nights rest we moved on and are now just outside of Philidelphia. We arrived early yesterday afternoon and managed to get rid of our luggage by booking into out hotel early. So hopped back into the car and headed to one of the attractions in the city, The Eastern State Panitentiary.. This was built in 1829, a revelutionary way of reforming criminals by keeping them compleatly alone 24/7 they were allowed 2 half hours of exercise a day, in a yard outside their cells, they were not allowed to talk to or comunicate with any of the other prisoners. The punishment was very hash if they were caught doing so. In the early 1900's the prison changed and prisoners were then allowed to mix with each other. The prison's most famous resident was Al Capone, he was there for about eight months in total. His cell was furnished like a palace with oriental rugs an armchair and even a radio. We thought we would be there about an hour, we were kicked out 15 minute after it closed.

Friday and it has been mostly walking with another trip into the city, here we visited the Constitution Building (I have never seen so many school children in one place before). Also the Liberty Bell, Liberty Hall, Ben Franklin's House and Betty Ross's house. I don't think that I have walked so far in years, my feet are definatly letting me know. Next it was back to the hotel to pack ready for moving on to Washington, luckily it was not to far to drive (154 miles).

We arrived in Washington just after 2.00 pm, after a stop for lunch in Balltimore, in the oldest Saloon in the US. As we were too early to book into our hotel we got one visit in early, that was to Arlington Cemetary. We cheated a bit and did the tour bus that stopped at certain places, like the graave of  J F Kennedy and family , also the tomb of the unknown soilders where the tomb is guarded day and night. We were lucky to be there to see the changing of the guard. We are now at the hotel planning what to do tomorrow. Sorry there are no photos hopefully I will be able to add these later.


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Aquarius said...

Glad to hear you are still having a good time - shame about the lead and plug though!!