Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Plymouth, Cape Cod and Rain


We seem to have been on the road all day today, maybe because of the weather. We left Boston at 9.00 am after another huge breakfast and headed towards Plymouth to see where the Pilgrim Fathers made their first homes all those years ago. There was a replica of the Mayflower, which I will admit we did not go on as it was raining and blowing quite hard. We did however sit in a cafe and look out over the harbour before moving on.

Next we headed to Cape Cod, and a wonderful drive along the coast road. Even with bad weather it was lovely looking at all the wonderful house's as we travelled. We stopped about 2.00pm for some lunch in a lovely cafe, from the outside it looked a bit like someones home. Next we pushed on and made our way to the tip of cape cod. It was still wet but we made it, at the very end there is a monument to the Pilgrim's Hubby and Dave were brave and walked to the top (about 250 feet) I'm afraid that I chickened out. We are now at our second hotel, in the dry at long last. Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Martha's Vineyard by boat, weather permitting of coarse, they wern't sailing today, guess why.



Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Sounds like you are seeing lots ! We've had cool weather & rain over the past few days but should improve later this week. Hopefully where you are too ! Shirleyx

Aquarius said...

It is interesting to follow your travels but what a shame the weather is bad - much like it has been here by the sound of it. Hopefully it will improve but I'm sure it won't stop you from seeing some wonderful sights. Thanks for sharing

Michelle J M said...

What a wonderful trip you are having, pity about the weather but I am sure you are still having a great time. Those houses in Cape Cod are gorgeous! Lousy weather here too! Michelle x