Friday 12 May 2017

Hello From Pheonix Arizona


I have tried to keep this post light on photos, I have taken hundreds but am having trouble uploading them to my tablet. So here is a pick of some of my favourites that I have managed to upload.  Both the first and the second are from Monument Valley, we had a fantastic 2 1/2 hour trip driving around the base of these iconic monuments. They were so very impressive, I'm sue that many of you will remember seeing western films with these in, you can just imagine cowboys and Indians riding around these on horseback. And yes I was stood in the middle of the road when I took this photo, the two figures of to the right are Hubby and Dave our friend who is travelling with us.

Below is Mesa Verde, a very interesting place to visit if you are ever in the US. Natives originally farmed and settled in brick structures on the tops of these cliffs going back as far as 500AD. They then built these home into the rocks and dwelt there until about 1300AD. This is just one of the many places built into the rocks. You could have a guided tour of some of the places but as there was quite a climb down and up to these we chose to view from the top.

The final photo is one from the Sunset Crater Volcano just outside of Flagstaff, Hubby and Dave are standing in a lava field, a very strange looking landscape. This was another climb to the top to see the crater, so again we chose to do one of the walks in this beautiful park.

At this stage I had hoped to be showing you photos of the Grand Canyon, but you might have to wait for those when I'm back at home, or I work out why I can't download my photos.

Thanks for reading this and to those of you who know me on FB you've been lucky as I have been posting photos straight from my phone. So you've seen the best ones.