Thursday, 29 May 2014

Just A Few Photos

I've been so busy since returning from our cruise last week, but I did manage to download the photos to the PC, so I thought I would share a few with you. The scenery was fantastic.

These top three were taken in Stravanger.

One of the stunning sunsets.

These three were taken at our stop at Olden - one of the most scenic places I have ever been too.

These next three were taken when we stopped at Eidfjord - Our trip on this day took us up into the mountains and a Dam that supplies Hydro electric power. Although you can't see from the photos the dam was still frozen, and although the snows were melting it was still extremely cold (so glad we took coats).

This was taken on our last trip ashore at Kristiensand - The trip we did was called the WW11 experience. This gun is placed on the most southerly part of Norway and was put the there by the Germans when they invaded Norway in 1940. There was also a similar gun placed opposite on Denmark, together these guns covered most of the entrance to the Baltic Sea, making it very nearly impossible for anything to travel into these waters during the war. We then went onto visit the place when the SS set up it's headquarters in Norway, where there is now a museum to the  Norwegian resistance, and also the dungeons where the SS carried out there interrogations on the Norwegians. During their occupation there were over 2000 people killed by the SS and those that were not killed were taken to work camps in Poland. It was a very moving experience. The week was over far too soon, but we had a fantastic time. I hope that I've not bored you with the photos. If you click onto them they will enlarge.

Thanks for taking the time to look, and your kind comments which are always appreciated.



Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Stunning photographs & scenery Sue, must have been an amazing vacation. That cruise is on my 'bucket list'. Sigh, maybe some day ..... take care, Shirleyx

Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely photographs - nice to see where people go on holiday.

rachel said...

hi sue. these photos look amazing - beautiful and totally awesome
that fjordland set of pictures really is breathtaking. thanks fir sharing xx

maria's knutselplezier said...

Wow Sue , I think you had a fantastic holiday, such nice photo's I get a bit yellous, that kind of cruise I've put on my wishing list,perhaps when my husband is on his pension!!!

Greetings end injoy the memories!!!

Michelle J M said...

I had a look at your photos the other day but didn't have time to read everything but have just done so, What beautiful scenery and very interesting about the German occupation. One doesn't hear so much about the occupation of countries other than France. So glad you had a wonderful time. As I said before when you were about to leave, I have always wanted to do that cruise but it is very difficult to not go back to South Africa for every holiday because of the family. Michelle x

Claire said...

Hi Sue, wow what gorgeous photographs, they are really stunning
Claire xx